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Probate Attorney in Monmouth County, New Jersey

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Most people have no idea what purpose probate court serves, or what jobs a probate lawyer does. However, at some point, everyone has to deal with the probate court. Whenever someone dies, their state’s probate court needs to approve their Will. Then, the court will oversee the complex process of wrapping up that person’s financial matters. It’s not always as cut-and-dry as it sounds though. In fact, probate court sometimes requires litigation. When that happens, you’ll want an attorney on your side to argue your case. If you need a law firm to help you with a probate matter in the Monmouth County, NJ area, call Karlstein Law, P.C. I have more than 50 years of experience as a probate lawyer. I can guide clients in any of these areas through the probate process:

  • Monmouth County, NJ

  • Manalapan, NJ

  • Marlboro, NJ

  • Freehold, NJ

  • Middletown, NJ

  • Manasquan, NJ

  • Middlesex County, NJ

  • Old Bridge, NJ

  • East Brunswick, NJ

  • Ocean County, NJ

There are a number of different situations where you may need to hire a lawyer to help you navigate probate court. It’s a complex process that includes a number of specific steps.

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Probate Administration: Understanding the Process in New Jersey

Probate court has its own court system, separate from the civil or criminal courts. Because of this, all probate court cases must more or less follow the same steps. Some of those steps are:

  • Validating the Will – The first step in every matter is establishing the validity of the decedent’s Will. Usually, this is a fairly standard process. However, there are a number of issues that can prevent a court from declaring a Will valid. For example, if the decedent failed to correctly execute their Will, the court may declare it invalid.

  • Notify beneficiaries – Once the Will is declared valid, the executor needs to inform all of the decedent’s beneficiaries about their passing. The executor may publish notification of the death in a local newspaper. If any beneficiaries object to the terms of the Will, they can argue their point in court.

  • Assessing the assets – An executor’s next duty is to determine all of the assets in the estate and their value. This includes real estate, bank account balances, cars, boats, stocks, bonds, and any businesses that the decedent owns. Usually, a third-party assessor can determine the value of the assets in the estate.

  • Notify creditors – Next, the executor will need to notify anyone that the decedent owed money to.

  • Pay debts – The executor will then use the estate’s assets to pay off the decedent’s debts and funeral expenses. This often includes the liquidation of some or all of the estate’s assets.

  • Distribution of property – Finally, if there are any assets left over after creditors are paid, the executor will oversee the distribution of the decedent’s remaining property. This can involve title transfers for real estate.

If you have any questions about the probate process, an experienced lawyer can help.

What Does a Probate Lawyer Do?

If you were named as an executor in a Will and don’t know what to do, I can help. The probate process is notoriously tricky for the uninitiated, and even the smallest mistake can lead to unnecessary delays. Additionally, you may be a beneficiary who doesn’t believe that a decedent’s will is valid. You want to inform the court of your opinion, but you’re not sure how. However, you don’t need to proceed alone. Both of these probate problems are going to require litigation. Luckily, I can help.

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With more than 50 years of experience as a lawyer under my belt, I am a seasoned, competent, and reliable probate expert. I have the skills and knowledge to help clients resolve their probate litigation issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s just one of the reasons so many clients have chosen Karlstein Law, P.C. as their law firm for probate cases. If you need help, don’t wait. Call Karlstein Law, P.C. today to schedule an appointment.