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Medicaid Planning Attorney in Monmouth County, New Jersey

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If you’re close to retiring, you may be considering your financial future. Exiting the workforce can be difficult. You could experience severely reduced income. However, there are ways to maximize your income even after you retire. But how can you take advantage of these benefits? An expert Medicaid planning attorney like attorney Ira S. Karlstein can help. That knowledge lets him offer professional Medicaid planning services to help his clients make the most out of their money. He’s already helped countless clients in the Monmouth County, NJ area. If you have questions about your specific scenario, call Karlstein Law, P.C. today to schedule an appointment. Karlstein Law, P.C. serves clients in these areas:

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Medicaid is a program offered by the federal government. It offers several helpful services to many different demographics like pregnant women, physical or mentally disabled individuals, or citizens without insurance. One major demographic that utilizes Medicare is the elderly. More than 7 million seniors receive benefits from Medicaid that are essential to their everyday lives. Senior citizens can also use Medicaid to help them pay for things like:

  • Drugs and medication.

  • Long-term care, like nursing homes.

  • Making up for gaps in Medicaid costs.

However, the government isn’t just giving money away. Instead, there are a number of financial prerequisites that an individual needs to meet before they can receive Medicaid benefits.

Medicaid eligibility laws are a complex web of state and federal regulations. First, state Medicaid programs each have their own eligibility requirements. Additionally, the federal government has its own Medicaid restrictions. The federal government also pays into state Medicaid programs. The end result is a chaotic mess of regulations. For the average person, this means they’ll need an attorney to guide them through the Medicaid planning process.

An expert Medicaid planning attorney can help you assess a number of factors that will affect your eligibility for the program. These include:

  • Any income from stocks or bonds.

  • Your retirement accounts.

  • Other assets you own.

An attorney can help you understand Medicaid planning by explaining how these factors affect your eligibility. They can also help you form a plan to game the system into maximizing your Medicaid benefits.

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Various Medicaid Plans

Often, seniors and their families don’t hire an attorney to assist them with the Medicaid planning process. They may be worried about the cost. Sometimes, they’re not even aware that a lawyer can help them maximize their Medicaid benefits. However, a lawyer can offer a number of advantages including:

  • Saving money long-term.

  • Reduced hassle.

Attorney Karlstein’s 55 years of practice have given him extensive experience helping clients maximize the effectiveness of their Medicaid plans. He also recognizes that no two clients have the same scenario. Because of this, he can help clients determine which plan is best for their situation and how a client’s other forms of income can affect their Medicaid benefits. That’s the kind of personalized service that you don’t usually find at a big-name law firm. He’s also an approachable lawyer with a friendly demeanor. This makes it easy to talk to him and relay important information about your case.

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If you’re unsure about how to take advantage of your Medicaid benefits, don’t worry. You don’t need to do this alone. Attorney Karlstein can help. Trust an attorney that has more than five decades of experience in Medicaid planning. He’s already helped countless clients maximize their Medicaid benefits. He can help you, too. Call Karlstein Law, P.C. today to schedule your appointment.