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Validating a Will is just one of the duties of the probate court system. It also handles estate litigation cases. These cases are highly technical and complex. Because of this, clients seeking legal representation need to find the right attorney. If you need a lawyer for a trust, estate, or fiduciary litigation case, contact attorney Ira S. Karlstein. With more than 50 years of experience, countless clients in the Monmouth County, NJ area have already chosen attorney Karlstein to represent them. If you need legal representation, don’t wait. Call Karlstein Law, P.C. today to schedule an appointment.

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What Can an Estate Litigation

Attorney Help With?

An estate litigation attorney can help you perform a number of tasks crucial to winning your case. The probate court system, which oversees these kinds of matters, has a complex set of regulations that govern it. A lawyer can help you complete crucial legal work like:

  • Drafting documents – Probate court documents must adhere to specific forms. Your attorney can help you complete these forms using a court’s standard formats. Additionally, your attorney can assist you in filing these documents with the court and serving them upon the opposing party.

  • Adhering to Court Rules – A number of court rules determine the flow of a court case. If you miss a court-mandated deadline, the opposing party can petition the judge to file a judgment against you. However, an attorney can ensure that you adhere to these deadlines and any other court regulations.

  • Negotiating on your behalf – Often, two parties in a lawsuit can settle their differences out of court. An attorney can help you negotiate with the opposing party in your case to leverage a favorable settlement in your case.

It’ll be nearly impossible to complete these tasks alone. Instead, choose attorney Karlstein to represent you in your estate litigation case. When you hire attorney Karlstein, you’re enlisting the help of his extensive experience in this niche area of law. To find out more, call Karlstein Law, P.C. and schedule an appointment.

Fiduciary Litigation vs. Estate Litigation

Fiduciary litigation is a type of estate litigation that involves resolving claims related to breaches of responsibility. A fiduciary litigation case involves specific scenarios like breach of fiduciary duty claims. These are complex cases that involve one party abusing its responsibility for another party’s finances for its own gain. For example, if an executor embezzles money from an estate, the beneficiaries can pursue a lawsuit to recoup their losses. These kinds of cases require a lawyer with a number of different assets including:

  • Practice background – An attorney needs to have specific experience in fiduciary litigation. The more, the better. It’s a highly complex area of legal study, and it’s easy for inexperienced attorneys to make mistakes.

  • Approachability and communication – You need to be able to talk to your lawyer. Communication between an attorney and their clients is crucial in both fiduciary and estate litigation cases.

  • Litigation skills – While these kinds of cases aren’t murder trials, they definitely require an attorney that can handle themselves in court. Because of this, you want an attorney who will never back down on the courtroom floor.

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Attorney Karlstein has this combination of traits. His experience has taught him meticulous planning. Additionally, his warm and friendly demeanor helps him connect with clients. Find out why countless clients have already chosen attorney Karlstein’s estate litigation services. If you need help, don’t wait. Call Karlstein Law, P.C. today to schedule an appointment.